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Hi, I'm Lenny!


I'm a commercial and editorial photographer based out of Halifax, NS.

I've been working in the editorial and commercial realm of image making since 2011. I studied and honed my skills in the Digital Photography Program at Nova Scotia Community College where I graduated at the top of my class and earned the Highest Achievement Award for that year. And I haven't stopped since!

Throughout my career, I've worked with some pretty amazing people and businesses whom I'm very proud to call my clients (you can see my client list below). Without their trust in me, I wouldn't have the body of work and the industry know-how that I have today. For that, I thank them. You rule!


I take a collaborative approach to any project that comes my way. I love hearing the ideas of everyone involved in a particular project to help guide where we can go both aesthetically and creatively to tell an engaging and immersive visual story. All while making whatever is in our frame look as cool as possible!

If you'd like to speak with me about a project that you're working on, or even if you just wanna chat, please drop me a line! I'm always up for a chat over a coffee, a beer, a slice of pizza? Pick your poison!


Nova Scotia Community College - Highest Achievement Award

Dartmouth, NS - 2011

Top of Class - Bridgestone Photo Contest

Fredericton, NB  - 2011

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